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                                                                  Research Opportunities
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                                                                  Undergraduate Research Opportunities 

                                                                  We are always interested in working with motivated undergraduate students with an interest in biological research. Opportunities are available for both computer science majors, biology and Plant science majors interested in working in the laboratory.

                                                                  UDel Undergraduate Research Program (PRP)

                                                                  ♦ Undergraduate Research Scholar Programs


                                                                  Graduate Research Opportunities

                                                                  We have many research projects for prospective graduate students. Please contact us if you're interested in the following:

                                                                  Plant Functional Genomics.

                                                                  Biological and Food Safety.

                                                                  Currently, graduate students are accepted through the School of pfe Sciences and Biotechnology. Also, we offer a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics that is offered as part of a joint program between the Shanghai University, and Biology offered by Shanghai Ocean University.


                                                                  Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

                                                                  If you're a new Ph.D. or a post-doc with several years of training, we may have a good research project for you. Please contact us as we occasionally have positions for new post-docs. In addition to interesting independent research projects, we offer a supportive research environment, excellent facipties and strong ties to industry and other academic laboratories.


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