芬兰大学’s Marketing & 通讯 Department is responsible for producing the content being displayed on digital screens, as well as for managing the technical and procedural elements of the digital signage program. 信息技术 staff is also integral to technical aspects of the technology and its deployment.


Marketing & Communications welcomes suggestions from staff, students, faculty and visitors for suitable messaging to be added to the screens. Content must be related to 芬兰大学. Finlandia’s Marketing & 通讯 Department will make the final determination of what is appropriate for display on the digital signs, and reserves the right to address concerns, or make suggestions related to content in an effort to reinforce the educational mission of the university.

Proposed content for FinnTV should be submitted to the Marketing & 通讯 team at least one week before intended display. This allows time to develop, design, review, and test the digital slides.

To submit an idea, please provide relevant details (date, time, and basic message), suggested images, as well as the time frame for which you would like the message to gain exposure. Messages can remain in the scrolling loop for anywhere between three days and one academic year, and can be scheduled to appear only on specific dates. Keep in mind that digital slides usually stay up for less than 10 seconds, and that detailed text and long URLs are not appropriate for digital signs. The Marketing & 通讯 team will respond to your email request within two business days, and will work with you to develop the slides.


尺寸:4000 X 2600像素



通过电子邮件发送内容提交和问题 和/或

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